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barry chip attenuators chip resistors rf terminations qfn packages
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samples chip attenuators chip resistors rf terminations qfn packages
Flip Chip Attenuators
AS Series
Barry Industries manufacturers Flip Chip attenuators on Alumina, AlN or BeO for solder or epoxy surface mount or wirebond attachment. These chip attenuators are available in sizes 0706 to 2525 with standard attenuation values from 0dB to 32dB. Other values available.
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AS Series Chip Attenuator Configuration
The AS Series resistors feature top-side only terminals which are ideal for wirebonding.
Ordering Information
Below are Barry Industries' standard Flip Chip attenuators. Engineers are welcome to contact us and we will design a custom Flip Chip attenuator to your exact specifications.

AlN Note: 2dB to 30dB available. Special ohmic value requests welcome.
image of Flip Chip Attenuators
Other Available Configurations
Flip Chip Attenuator Ordering Info
Circuit Diagram
(0706, 1005 & 1612 only)
illustration of Flip Chip Attenuators
T-Pad Attenuator
Pi-Pad Attenuator
Circuit Diagram
(0904, 0905 & 2525 only)
wirebond chip attenuators
AS Series Attenuators are ideal for wirebonding
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