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samples chip attenuators chip resistors rf terminations qfn packages
Attenuators for Pulsed Power
Pulsed power applications present a unique set of thermal problems. Frequent cycling of power can cause materials to expand rapidly, sometimes with destructive effects.

By closely matching the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) of adjoining materials, catastophic failures can be eliminated.
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CW Power (Max)
Substrate Flange
F G (Max) H J K (Max)
Part Number/
Data Sheet
100 BeO Copper
A 0.800" 0.230" 0.350" 0.600"-
0.040" 0.105" 0.140" 0.062" 0.130" 0.370" Yes A0100-100-3E
Click on link for available Data Sheet.  For more options, please contact us with your requirement.

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To minimize CTE mismatch and increase thermal conductivity, a Gold-Germanium eutectic is used to bond the BeO to the flange. To further minimize CTE mismatch, a Copper-Tungsten flange is used.

The Gold-Germanium layer is chemically compatible with the Gold plated ajoining layers, and no embittling metallics will form. The Gold matrix exhibits outstanding ductility, corrosion resistance, low diffusivity and low toxicity, as opposed to lead.

Below are Barry Industries' Copper Tungsten flanged attenuator. Engineers are welcome to 
contact us and we will design a Copper Tungsten flanged attenuator to your exact specifications.

Resistive Element:


Mounting Flange

Proprietary Thick Film


Copper Tungsten

Gold Plated Copper (.005" thick)
attenuators for pulsed power
General Notes:

• All power ratings assume an operating flange temperature of 100°C

• Mechanical tolerance is ±0.010" unless otherwise noted

• Minimum lead length on all devices is 0.125"

• Individual drawings available upon request

• Power ratings over 100W are available by contacting the factory

• Other configurations available, custom requests are welcome
Derating Curve
Copper vs. Copper Tungsten
pulsed power attenuators derate curve
pulsed power attenuators graph
Cycling Test Details
• Applied Power: 250W
• Cycle: 10 seconds On, 10 seconds Off

Cycling Test Results
• All Copper flanged resistors failed after 600 cycles
• All Copper-Tungsten flanged resistors still operational after 500,000 cycles
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For more information regarding the benefits of using Copper-Tungsten flanged resistors high thermal cycle environments click here